About MienShu

Facility and Equipment


  • Weave: insisting on using state of the art Europe machinery to control production quality and efficiency.
  • Clean and bright working environment to provide best workplace conditions.
  • Knitting: All the knitting machine come from Germany to make sure best quality and flexibility.
  • Each machine is placed in separated room and air conditioned, which makes sure the fabric don’t get flurry and dirt.
  • Finished fabric rolls are all well stored in paralleled to reduce wrinkle & creasing marks.
  • Fabric are stored in a proper height and place to avoid the moisture damage.

  • All fabric are with quality control checking & repairing by our well trained & certified workers.
  • All fabric must pass 3 stage quality control checking before delivery.
  • Finish: We do our own finishing in site.
  • We use only Oeko-tex certified nonharmful chemicals.
  • We know how to treat our fabric to avoid problem, such as yellowing.

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